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Important factors in determining the quality of stainless steel precision castings

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Important factors in determining the quality of stainless steel precision castings

Temperature is an important factor in determining the quality of stainless steel precision castings. Let's take a look at the important factors that determine the quality of stainless steel precision castings.

First, the melting furnace temperature is unstable, so a temperature difference will occur during the pouring process, which has a great impact on the accuracy of the measurement. Temperature control in precision casting is to use these temperature data to find a temperature range that guarantees the quality of the casting.

Second, the signal processing capability of the measurement device itself is not strong. Since each analog to digital or digital-to-analog conversion between the measurement instrument and the control device causes an error, a wide temperature simulation range may result in a decrease in measurement accuracy.

Third, if a non-standard melting technique is used in precision casting, it will also have a certain impact on temperature measurement. If the high vapor pressure element transitions to boiling, the surface of the molten pool is disturbed or forms a reaction product, this will inevitably cause errors in the conventional pyrometer.

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